Countries with easy access

In following European countries the access to abortion is quite easy, also for foreign women

    • Austria
      The legal situation: up to three months from completed implantation on request, but in practice they are performed up to 12 weeks after Last Menstrual Period even though there is no legal basis for this.
      Due to conscientious objection from both medical personnel and hospital management, abortion facilities are not readily available all over the country.
      According to the law, abortion can be performed by a physician. But the regulation for Mifegyne allows the use of the drug only in hospitals and clinics, therefore medical abortion can be performed only in hospitals and clinics. There are two private clinics specialised in abortion in Vienna. They also offer medical abortion.
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    • France
      The legal situation: up to 14 weeks if the woman judges to be in a ‘state of distress’ because of her pregnancy. The woman must consult a doctor and minors are also required to seek advice from a social worker. If the woman still desires to terminate the pregnancy, she should renew her request in writing, no earlier than one week from the time of the first request. Since 2004, a medical abortion can also be performed outside hospitals, by a doctor in private practice. Abortion is not performed in all hospitals.! Women often cannot choose the method (medical or surgical). Among the new generation of doctors, less and less professionals want to perform abortion.
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    • Belgium
      The legal situation: up to 12 weeks after conception (or 14 weeks after Last Menstrual Period). No limit: ‘Serious’ risk to health of woman or ‘extremely serious and incurable disease’ of fetus.
      The law of 15 august 2018 decriminalised abortion. Since December 2002, abortion is reimbursed if performed in an abortion clinic that has signed an agreement with the national institute for social security (INAMI/RIZIV). All abortion centers in Belgium have signed this agreement.
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    • Great Britain
      The legal situation: up to 24 weeks.  If continuing the pregnancy would involve risk, greater than if the pregnancy were terminated, of injury to the physical or mental health of the pregnant woman or any existing children of her family.
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    • Netherlands
      The legal situation: For women overdue 12 to 16 days, there is no waiting period. After 16 days, there is a cooling off period of 5 days between the first consultation and the abortion. Abortion between 16 days and 24 weeks is regulated by the Waz (Wet afbreking zwangerschap – Termination of Pregnancy Act). Late abortions – performed after 24 weeks – are not covered by the Termination of Pregnancy Act. Doctors are obliged to report late-term abortions and the termination of life of neonates to a central committee. ( [dutch])An abortion may be performed only by a physician in a licensed hospital or clinic. The hospital or clinic has to ensure that an adequate opportunity is made available for providing the woman with responsible information on methods of preventing unwanted pregnancies.
      The law is very liberally interpreted. Illegal abortion is almost non-existent. Most abortions are performed in non-profit clinics.
      All women living legally in the Netherlands are reimbursed by the AWBZ. Women living abroad have to pay for the abortion.
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      Information on the Dutch Government Website:

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    • Norway
      The legal situation: up to 12 weeks on request. All hospitals in Norway perform abortions if they have a department of gynecology. All women can drop in at any gyni department and request an abortion. They might have to wait a few days before it can be performed due to logistics but generally at least if they want home administration of misoprostol, they can start the treatment the same day. All departments can provide both medical and surgical abortion but most abortions are done medically in Norway, 78%. Most departments also provide home treatment with misoprostol up to 9 weeks (90%) and about 85% medical abortion also between 9-12 weeks. All abortions after 12 weeks are done medically. All women have access to an abortion completely free of charge. If they are EU citizens or have an insurance the hospitals in Norway will claim the cost back from the insurance companies and the E111 form, but they are not allowed to charge women for an abortion. They might ask women to pay but they can’t refuse to perform an abortion if women can’t pay. This has just been established by the Norwegian Board of Health supervision after one Oslo hospital denied a woman an abortion before she had the money to pay. It is reckoned to be an emergency procedure and thus has to be available for free for any person.
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    • Sweden
      The legal situation: up to 18 weeks on request, up to 22 weeks (fetal viability) ‘Strong reasons’ .
      Second trimester abortions are subject to approval by the National Board of Health and Welfare
      ! Abortion must be carried out in a general hospital and by a qualified medical doctor
      The cost is almost fully covered by the National Health Insurance. Patients only have to pay a minor fee.
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  • Switzerland
    The legal situation: up to 12 weeks (from LMP) (10 weeks from conception): on request.
    The woman has to file a written request stating that she is in a situation of distress
    ! The doctor has to give the woman comprehensive information. He has to discuss the decision with her in detail, hand her out an information sheet with addresses of counselling services and services where she can get moral and material help and be informed about adoption.
    Health insurance covers the costs of the lawful termination, under the same terms as illness.
    Most abortions are performed on psycho-social grounds.
    After 14 weeks of pregnancy, it is still difficult to obtain an abortion except in very severe cases
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