The website allows women to:

  • Search for an abortion service by distance, country, treatment methods (surgical or medical), anesthetic used (general or local), and late-term abortion services.
  • View each provider’s contact data, abortion methods, costs etc.
  • Display the location of any clinic on a Google map.
  • Consult useful links on transportation routes and methods.
  • Check general information about each country (law, restrictions, access, etc.)
  • Read background information on abortion services and what to expect.

In addition, providers can easily update their own data online, which will help keep the website current.

This project is powered and hosted by Gynmed Clinic Vienna www.gynmed.org

Improve your data!

If you are working in a clinic/practice offering abortions, please help us to keep your data up to date.

3 Steps:
1. browse your country, e.g. Spain, Germany
2. choose your region, e.g. Asturia, Baden Württemberg
3. click on your clinic/practice, e.g. Clinica Sirona, and you can see all the information about your clinic/practice in the info box on the right.

Please carefully review the information on your clinic/practice and send us the form with your amendments (changes or additions) by using the button "update data".
Then we will revise your entry and editorial review before we activate the changed data.

  Check your clinic now!  

Thank you very much for your cooperation!

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