The cost for an abortion is different in each country, depending on the method and gestation week and the provider.

Please also note that in some countries, according to the procedure provided by law and in addition maybe to the two appointments travel costs will arise for the stay.

Abortion Costs
In some countries and under certain circumstances, the costs for the abortion can be covered by Health Insurance.

Extra Medical Costs
Extra costs can arise for necessary complementary treatment like a rhesus factor injection, pregnancy test, ultrasonic examinations etc.

Travel & Accommodation Costs
If you are considering to travel to another country for a safe abortion, you’ll have to calculate some additional costs.
In some countries, like e.g. Germany or Belgium, you have a mandatory waiting period between the first appointment and the treatment itself. During this time you will need accommodation for your stay.

Induced abortion if not paid for by (normal) health insurance for example in Austria:

State hospitals: € 300–840 (£ 241-675)

Private abortion clinics: € 350-450 (£ 280-365)

Private practitioners: € 450 up to € 850 (£ 365-685)