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Further information on abortion

FIAPAC – International Federation of Abortion and Contraception Professionals and Associations
with an extensive list of international links
This site is a not for profit initiative intended to help Irish women in a difficult situation in their life. (english)
Detailed information on all aspects of the abortion of pregnancy including much background information (german)
Clinic für abortion and family planning gives detailed information on abortion and family planning (10 languages!)
A list of links about medical abortion for women with an unwanted pregnancy, those who are just interested, and health care professionals.
Extensive information about Misoprostol use on obstetrics und gynaecology. An independent evidence-based website.

Swiss association for the legalisation of abortion of the pregnancy
Numerous myths and misconceptions surround the topic of abortion. This site debunks and corrects them, using evidence-based facts:
On this website you will find an extensive collection of films on the topic 
unwanted pregnancy and abortion with trailers and downloads

Further information on the Emergency Contraception (Post-Coital or Morning after Pill)

The Emergency Contraception = Post-coital pill should not be mistaken with medical abortion, Mifegyne® the so called “abortion pill”.
The Emergency contraception pill prevents a pregnancy after unprotected intercourse.
The medical abortion with Mifegyne terminates an already existing pregnancy.

Post-Coital Pill summarised by WHO
Further information on Contraception

Medicine-worldwide: Contraception (german)

Shipment of Condoms, Diaphragms and cervical caps

Austrian Association for Family Planning (german)

Profamilia (german)

Further Information on the visit to a gynecologist
Frauenarztbesuch (german)

Information on sexuality and contraception

Information, consultation to contraception. The site also lists contact points where you can find out about issues of family planning and sexually transmitted diseases, and provides tips on how to prepare for the visit to the doctor or the doctor in Austria. (german) (german)
Information for women with physical handicaps

Profamilia Frankfurt
Information, consultation, doctoral counseling and gynecological check-ups for women with physical handicaps (german)
The Museum of Contraception and Abortion, the only one of its kind in the world.
The museum invites you to look at the way how humans have dealt with sexuality and birth control over time.