Countries with restricted access

In following European countries the access to abortion is legally possible but for foreign women difficult because of some restrictions

    • Denmark
      A woman has to apply for an abortion to a physician, to the community in Copenhagen or Frederiksberg or to the district. The abortion may only be performed by a physician in a district hospital, a hospital that is a member of the Copenhagen Hospital Association, or a clinic attached to the hospital.
      Since 2004 abortion for non-residents is allowed, but they have to pay for the abortion. Local hospitals are obliged to receive all women wanting abortion up to the first trimester
      ! Abortion for non-residents is not allowed unless they have some special relationship with Denmark.
      All details download [pdf]

    • Finland
      The legal situation: up to 12 weeks.
      Abortions can only be performed in hospitals
      If continuation of the pregnancy or delivery would endanger the life or health of the woman on account of a disease, physical defect or weakness in the woman.
      ! If the delivery or taking care of the child would be a substantial burden. The burden can be of anykind.
      ! If a disease, mental disturbance or other comparable cause, affecting one or both parents,seriously limits their capacity to care for the child
      ! Risk to mental health of woman
      ! Rape or other sexual crime
      ! If the woman is aged under 17 or above 40
      ! If the woman already had four children
      ! Risk of malformation
      All details download: [pdf]

    • Germany
      The legal situation: up to 12 weeks from conception if the woman declares to be in a state of distress (in practice: on request after counselling) rape or other sexual crime. Counselling compulsory for abortion on request! Counselling not compulsory for medical cases and in case of rape or other sexual crime! Compulsory waiting period after counselling (3 days; for abortion on request)! Second written medical opinion, in addition to the one of the doctor performing the abortion
      (medical reasons, rape or other sexual crime)! “The counselling serves to protect unborn life”
      While the law explicitly requires a network of abortion counselling facilities with different ideological orientation, in some areas women can in practice only choose between a church-related facility and another one run by local or state authorities (which are legally obliged to be ideologically neutral)
      All details download [pdf]

    • Italy
      The legal situation: up to 90 days (between 12 and 13 weeks) if continuing the pregnancy, childbirth or motherhood would seriously endanger the woman’s physical or mental health, the woman’s state of health, economic, social or family circumstances. Circumstances in which conception occurred, probability that the child would be born with abnormalities or malformations. A certificate from a fully authorized medico-social agency, a public counselling centre or a physician of the woman’s choice is needed.! Compulsory waiting period of at least 7 days (if abortion is found not to be urgently required). In some Regions (mainly in Southern Italy) and in rural areas, there may be disparities between the law and its application.Free of charge for all women, including immigrant women, foreigners and women without legal resident’s permit. All details download [pdf]

    • Portugal
      The legal situation: up to 12 weeks if abortion is one of the ways to avert a risk of death or grave and irreversible damage to the physical or mental health of the woman. Up to 16 weeks: Rape or other sexual crime. Up to 24 weeks: if there are substantial grounds for believing that the child would be born with a serious or incurable disease or malformation. The woman must give her written consent not less than three days prior to the abortion. There is thus a compulsory waiting period (up to 3 days). In case of emergency, the prescribed time limit may be waived.Prior to the abortion, a physician other than the one performing the procedure must sign a medical certificate attesting to the existence of circumstances that render an abortion permissible.
      In cases of rape, the verification of circumstances depends upon evidence of criminal.
      The law is not fully implemented in public hospitals, due to a large number of conscientious objections and to the lack of further regulations.! As a consequence the majority of abortions are performed illegally by doctors, mid-wives and nurses in private clinics and cabinets. All details download [pdf]

    • Spain
      The legal situation: up to 12 weeks: Rape. Up to 22 weeks if the fetus, if carried to term, will suffer from severe physical or mental defects. No limit if the abortion is necessary to avert a serious risk to the physical or mental health of the pregnant woman.The lack of the conscientious objection regulation and its generalization in public health means that in general women have to refer themselves to private structures and that there are important differences between regions in terms of availability of service, especially in public structures. An abortion must be performed by or under the supervision of a physician in an approved public or private health centre or establishment, provided the pregnant woman gives her express consent and one of the legal indications for abortion is met. A pregnant woman is penalized if the abortion is not performed in an approved public or private health centre or establishment, or if the prescribed medical opinions have not been expressed. All details download [pdf] In spanish: abortion/SPAIN
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